2018 – 2019 President’s Message

Nancy Rocker, President HFMA – Eastern Michigan Chapter As we enter the last quarter of the fiscal year, I am wrapping up my year as Chapter President and getting ready to turn the reins over to Bill Bollinger.¬† I want to thank Sharon Bayliss for her outstanding leadership last year.¬† I am humbled to follow[…]

11 Tips to Reduce Vulnerability with Cybercrime By: Michael Haines

  11 Tips to Reduce Vulnerability with Cybercrime By Michael Haines,¬†Assistant Vice President, First American Healthcare Finance “The professionalism of the reps at First American exceeds any other company that I’ve worked with. I also feel that FA reinvests in technology that is superior to others as well. Would highly recommend to anyone.” -George Sheasley,[…]