June 3, 2016


CAT – affects all areas, continued focus for 2018/2019

  • Develop a value proposition for the chapter constituencies – What is the value provided by HFMA membership/involvement?
    • Sponsors
    • Providers and their employees
    • Employers
    • Individual professional
    • Students/Early Careerists
  • Leverage HFMA National innovation awards ($10,000)


  • Regional Webinar Series –  Michigan Great Lakes to contribute a minimum of two regional
  • Hold second Women’s Leadership Conference June 26, 2018
  • Structure a committee to lead planning for Healthcare Finance 1.0 course
  • Expand education to appeal to Insurance Plans, Early Careerist, and Physician Practices
  • Explore the use of Podcasts and other social media to reach early careerist
  • Improve coordination of program dates to avoid conflict of Chapter, region and other professional association events to optimize attendance (in particular MAHAP, MPAA, HIMSS, MCACHE)
  • Continue efforts to develop 2 new committees: Business Intelligence, Physician Network Org (PNO)

Membership Involvement / Growth

  • Expand membership to include members from Insurance Plans, Physician Practices, and early careerist
  • Provide social activities for early careerists
  • Plan for a multi-chapter booth at Annual Michigan Association of Health Insurance Plans (7/20-7/22)
  • Student/University Involvement and Outreach– continue amazing progress to network with local universities and in particular students.
  • Explore more community Benefit opportunities that HFMA may participate which may attract early careerist
  • Explore member sponsorships by Chapter for early careerist. Consider different levels of sponsorship contingent on volunteering and experience.

Board Involvement / Succession Planning

  • Expand Board composition to include Physician Practices and Health Insurance Plans
  • Continue use of Committee Co-chairs with staggered 2-year terms
  • Create a grid of Chapter leaders and potential successors for various positions

Financial and Strategic Plan

  • Target Annual Budget to be break even (approximate; not firm requirement due to cash reserves)
  • Maintain or increase sponsorship. Adopt/evolve the changing marketplace and continue PY efforts to secure new sponsors.
  • Explore expanding the budget to provide sponsorship of early careerist members


  • National rolled out new certification testing a few years ago to in part attract more non-financial and early careerist members. Continue to locally share the value of certification and explain to potential candidates the process and requirements.