2018 – 2019 President’s Message

Nancy Rocker, President HFMA – Eastern Michigan Chapter

As we enter the last quarter of the fiscal year, I am wrapping up my year as Chapter President and getting ready to turn the reins over to Bill Bollinger.  I want to thank Sharon Bayliss for her outstanding leadership last year.  I am humbled to follow her and the long line of presidents that came before her.  I am excited to see what the future of the Chapter holds under Bill’s guidance.

I also want to thank all the volunteers who have contributed so much of their time and talents to ensure that HFMA continues to be an outstanding professional organization.  Committees have worked hard to plan outstanding educational sessions.  We worked with other Chapters to offer a webinar series titled “Cost Report University.”  Over one hundred people participated in these sessions.  The last webinar in the series will be held on March 27.

The Chapter offered a Finance 101 class geared towards non-finance healthcare professionals and early finance careerists.  About seventy people took advantage of the in-person series, taught by local leaders in the healthcare industry.

Are you taking advantage of your HFMA membership?  Our webinars are free to members as are some of the chapter educational meetings.    Members also have access to national resources such as a web site with numerous educational documents, webinars, magazine, certification trainings, and in-person educational opportunities.

The year isn’t over yet…  The Early Careerist Committee is planning a learning/networking event at Dave & Busters; and the Student Outreach Committee is working on an educational program to help students transition to professional positions in healthcare.  The annual I & R meeting is scheduled for March 21.  May brings the last meeting of the fiscal year, which focuses on the cost of the opioid epidemic and the installation of the new Board and awards.  Keep watching your emails for more information.  We are also communicating through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

HFMA isn’t just about education.  Networking provides the opportunities to meet other professionals who inspire us.  It also provides a venue to share knowledge and brainstorm new ideas. There is time scheduled at every member meeting and the Fall Conference to network with others.  In addition, we typically offer a bowling night (February 27), Tigers baseball game (June 4), and the annual golf outing (July 15).  We are looking for new networking ideas, so let us know if you have any suggestions.

Cvent:  In National HFMA news, a standard registration system, Cvent, was selected to be utilized by every chapter.  The system was selected to streamline registration, identify members vs non-members, and maintain a record of CPEs for each member.  Cvent will eliminate much of the reporting that each chapter is required to complete for National, reducing the burden on the administrative assistants.  We implemented the system back in September, and continue to learn how to use it.  Please be patient with us if/when issues arise as we continue to work the bugs out.

LTC (leadership training conference):  Every April, HFMA has a national leadership conference to provide two and a half days of leadership education for Chapter volunteers.  The theme for this fiscal year was unveiled at the event and this year it is Imagine Tomorrow.

Yesterday is forgotten.  Today is almost gone.  We must look forward to building a better tomorrow.

As we embark on the last quarter of our HFMA year, that begs the question, have you been Imagining Tomorrow?

Too often in so many industries, status quo becomes the norm.  Do what we did last year, take last year’s results and we should just plan on X% improvement, fill that FTE because someone left that role and there has always been someone who filled that role, keep going through the same 22 step process to complete a task because that is how the last person completed the same task.

We are more than capable of looking the status quo head on and asking ourselves “why” and “how” in an effort to imagine tomorrow.  We’ve all been encouraged by the success of organizations where bold leadership, teamwork, and inspiring visions have produced rampant imagination and innovation.  We’ve witnessed administrative, clinical and scientific advances that benefited both society and individuals.

That type of imagination led previous generations to board ships to America in pursuit of their dream for a better tomorrow.  They had a vision, took risks, and worked tirelessly to overcome every hurdle.  HFMA and today’s healthcare finance professionals must do the same.  We must desire to make a difference and commit to building a better tomorrow.

HFMA encourages you to take the challenge to imagine tomorrow in your day to day encounters.  You have the necessary knowledge and skills to face the ever-changing healthcare world with a different perspective, but will you express those outlooks?  Success will often require confidence, optimism, persistence and sacrifice, but when we tap into our imaginations, the opportunities are limitless.

HFMA is committed to change and ensuring that we are meeting our members’ needs.  We are asking how we can best serve our members?  You may find us asking you questions about how we can serve you best.  Do we have the right committees?  Do we offer enough opportunities to become involved?  What enhancements could be done to serve you and this Chapter better?  Please help us rise to the challenge to imagine tomorrow also.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions, or concerns.  I am honored to serve as this year’s Chapter President and want to make sure that HFMA meets your needs.


Nancy Rocker, President

HFMA Eastern Michigan Chapter