President’s Message

Welcome to another HFMA year!

With kids finished with school, the weather heating up and longer days, it is a great time to take a few minutes to reflect on the past HFMA year that ended May 31, and to look forward to the year ahead. For our Eastern Michigan chapter of HFMA, the past year was filled with great programming and events, including our perennial favorites such as the HFMA-MACHE Fall Conference and the Annual Insurance and Reimbursement Update and new topics and new events, such as our HERe Women’s Leadership Conference held in September 2016. I want to take a moment to thank Mike Klett for his leadership during the 2016-2017 HFMA year, as well as all our volunteers and our chapter members.

As our chapter began planning for 2017-2018, several of our chapter leaders attended the HFMA Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in April. The conference is a great opportunity to share ideas and learn from other chapters across the country, as well as to learn more about what activities HFMA is involved in on a national level in order to continue to increase the value of involvement in the organization to our members. We also had the opportunity to preview the HFMA National Chair’s theme for the year.

This year’s Chair is Carol Friesen, from Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska. Carol’s theme, ‘Where Passion Meets Purpose,’ encourages us all to discover, or rediscover, that place in ourselves and our career where passion meets purpose, and reminds us that it may be a small thing to us such as helping someone at one of our facilities find their way to an office or appointment, or just a smile and a hello, that makes the other feel special and cared for. Whether we “fell into” our healthcare finance role or knew that we always wanted to be in the healthcare industry, we can all work towards always keeping in mind the why behind our work.

As I step into the President role for our chapter, I am honored for the opportunity you have granted me, and I hope to continue the work that the leadership before me has cultivated. As HFMA begins to evolve and further engage physicians, health plans, and those professionals early in their careers, we have an opportunity to take some risks, try new things, and move out of our comfort zone. The leadership team, comprised of our chapter officers, board members, and committees, have some great activities and programming planned, but we want to know what you want to get from our chapter. Throughout the year, the chapter may reach out to you for feedback on ideas. I encourage you to provide honest feedback and share ideas. We are hoping to increase our networking opportunities and would love ideas on activities you would be interested in. Please reach out of the other officers or leaders in the chapter any time with ideas. HFMA national has pledged support to our local chapters to try new activities, different educational formats, and communication methods, so we really have a great opportunity to try something different.

I hope that you will each attend some (or all) of our events during the coming year. It is great to see new faces at our events and meetings, and if you’re attending, please take a moment to say hello to me, as I would like to meet as many of our members as possible. I hope you enjoy some of the upcoming changes to the chapter, and again, let us know your feedback so that we can be the organization you want us to be!


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